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We offer life enriching classes to the community throughout the month. 

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Mindful Letting Go Workshop

Thursday, January 30th, 2020 6pm-8pm | $25 fee

Taught by Vicki Rafn, Licensed Health and Life Coach

What would it look like to let go and not resist lifes divine process?
What would it look like to let go of personal reactions (of like or dislike) that we play in our heads on a loop?
How do we quiet our thoughts?
What is it like to allow life to flow?

The intention of this workshop is to learn the value and ease of allowing life to unfold without resistance, allowing divine guidance to pave the path forward. Participants in this course receive a personal journal.

*Space is limited 

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Essential Oils for Emotional Well Being

Saturday, Feb 22nd, 10am-Noon | $30

Taught by Marcia Chambers, Certified Aromatherapist

In this workshop, we will explore the use of essential oils for emotional support and healing. Essential oils can enrich our lives and improve the state of our overall well being.


We’ll be discussing the best choice of essential oils for positive emotional health and blending the right oils to uplift your mood and promote positive emotions. 

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