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Welcome Friends!

Since 1968, our mission has been consistent: to support the health and wellness of our community, and our earth through our commitment to the Taoist philosophy:  Health acheived through a simple, balanced life in harmony with nature.

We endeavor to acheive this commitment by...

  • offering vibrant, organic fare and healing beverages that are sustainably sourced
  • stocking safe, high quality natural health supplements that support the body's innate healing systems
  • offering fun, enriching classes on a broad range of topics that help to expand our awareness
  • offering individualized care with our holistic health services administered by licensed practitioners who are available to connect with, and guide patients through their journey to health

When we all work together to support the health of our families, communities and the earth - our actions serve the greater good!

Please join us!

- The Tao Family

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Promoting Health & Wellness since 1968


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